Quit snoring step by step

Detect, measure and setup this App to make it warn you only when your snoring was a problem. Learn night after night to sleep without snoring.

The App that helps you quit snoring

An App that anlyses and shows in graphics all possible parameters related to your snoring. Now you can know weather you have snored, at what time, how many times at night and how noise you were. You can even know if you woke up your partner.

Personalise it. Configure warnings your way.

This App analyses your snoring and processes this information to show it to you from different points of view. You can use this graphics and results to realise how you snore, when, how much and many others. These facts shall help you set up the App warnings to make you aware of your snoring in those circumstances that matter and bother you. For example, when you are more noisy than a certain sound level. Or when you go to bed and you don't want to disturb your partner.

Set up this App to make it work for you. To help you be aware of your snoring and maybe teach you as time goes by, to quit snoring.

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